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Everything hinges on the right message

In busy, competitive, fast-moving markets it’s easy for your message to get lost. To reach decision makers and increase sales you need to say the right things to the right people at the right time and in the right way.

And, until you know ‘who’ you are targeting, how can you decide where to focus your sales and marketing resource and budgets? This unknown also then makes it tricky to establish the right combination of content requirements; as well as a clearly defined go-to-market approach to give you the best rate of return.

Incognate’s 3-step approach will maximize your budget and minimise time, cost and resource involved in generating new sales.

Incognate’s 3-step approach to more sales leads

Step 1 – Messaging Development – Our Messaging Workshops empower the creation of up-to-date, powerful, and competition-beating propositions delivered to you in a Messaging Framework.

Step 2 – Integrated Marketing – The messaging is tested with an integrated marketing pilot focused on a small selection of target accounts. We can then refine and validate the message to establish early interest and leads that then establishes a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign.

Step 3 – Content Strategy – After agreeing the best content strategy, working with existing content where possible as well as creating new we can define content that will support ongoing and integrated marketing activities to deliver a flow of qualified sales leads.

Incognate approach delivers results for SQS!

• 1 set of messaging  • 28 target accounts  • 4 months  • 12 qualified leads • 6 proposals • 3 business winss

Within 4 months of campaign launch SQS had landed three new clients in the water industry, but that wasn’t the only positive outcome. Download the full SQS case study >

Winning formula for Keylane

“Incognate were able to offer the right combination of direct marketing experience, pure marketing talent and local market knowledge to gain us access to market. They offered the right skills at the right price, with a sensible commercial structure that ensured we got a good sense of what we were paying for.

I knew we had made the right choice in using Incognate during our first feedback meeting. The drive and focus from the group was tangible, and the specific, quantifiable metrics were proof that this was a results-driven team. Their telemarketing campaign resulted in meetings and calls with companies who had never heard of us before. Quite frankly, Incognate got results.”

Chris McQuade, UK Sales Director, Keylane | Quinity

How can Incognate help you?

If you have a complex, technical, high value solution that offers a large scope of functionality. And you are selling into highly competitive markets, typically operating at C-Level, but need help in getting in front of the right people, at the right time to get the right results – we can help you!

We work closely with our clients to fully understand the nuances and technicalities of what they do and the markets they serve. Our focus on results, rather than just activity, is why so many of our clients stay with us for the long-term.

Our approach is that all effective marketing begins with understanding the wants of the prospect. This is based on real-world experience of running successful direct-marketing campaigns at a senior level. Our skill in pin-pointing the right message to get the attention of senior decision-makers on behalf of our clients – we are told – is what sets us apart!

Does the market have an out-dated idea of what you deliver?

Are your messages driving sales engagement?

Ensure you’re telling the world what you’re really about with powerful messaging that grabs the attention of decision makers at the right level to drive your sales engagement. Rather than think – what are all the things your product can do?

We focus on your prospects’ needs and how your solution delivers!

Are you targeting the right people?

Developing an engaging messaging framework

When you’re selling a highly technical, complicated, feature-rich product, service or solution, finding the right message to increase sales engagement can be difficult.

This is where the Incognate Messaging Framework can help. We focus on finding exactly the right message for your target audience to get you in front of them. Our aim is to help you clearly deliver the story of what your solution does from the perspective of your prospect’s needs.

We put the prospect at the very heart of your messaging to increase your sales engagement.

Messaging Workshop

Designed to clarify how your solution meets market needs

Our Messaging Workshop’s aim to establish who’s buying? What are their problems? How are they measured? What keeps them awake at night? The answer to these questions tells us exactly what you should be saying across all your sales and marketing activities. Which is why, the message underpins everything else. Starting with high level business needs we move through key individuals within an organisation to a more detailed technical level. We’ll look for examples where your solution has directly addressed the needs of the market across the different levels.

The output is a Messaging Framework that enables you to deliver clear, consistent and engaging sales and marketing content.

What’s involved in a Messaging Workshop?

Getting all the right people in your company around the table

We work with you to identify who should attend and send ‘seed questions’ out with an invite for the workshop. The workshop, typically run over half a day, and allows us to consolidate information that we submit to you in a framework document. This is a valuable resource used to build consistent and coherent messaging across all your sales and marketing activities.

Roles of those contributing in a session typically include • Senior management • Marketing • Sales • SMEs and Consultants • Product Managers • Business Development Managers • Delivery directors

Our workshop looks objectively at your solutions to deliver a comprehensive view of your value proposition

Attention-grabbing messages for SQS

“To target senior decision makers across multiple markets we recognised the need to create new, more compelling and focused messaging. Incognate’s Messaging Framework and the workshops they ran enabled us to draw out the right messages from key people in our business.It allowed us to really explore our prospects needs, issues and how to create stronger positioning to get our message heard. Incognate’s Messaging Framework really helps to get to the heart of the message that helps to gain more traction and attention.”

Jo Bance, Global Marketing Director, SQS Group Ltd

Download the SQS case study to find out more>

Not getting sales appointments with the right people?

Integrated marketing

Open doors for your sales team with a professional, intelligent and targeted outbound integrated lead generation campaigns designed to win over the right people on your prospect list.

Generating more quality sales leads

Increasing your sales through an integrated approach

Identifying, qualifying and making contact with key decision makers is more difficult today than ever before. People simply don’t have time. Our unique approach combines outbound email, telephone and LinkedIn development activities with content creation and delivers results.

We know success hinges on leading with the right message and means of communication. Our outbound marketing is driven by the needs and wants of your targeted prospects. We can close the loop on your inbound marketing visibility to turn these valuable prospects into solid sales leads.

Incognate can help you to optimse your sales teams by seeing the right people at the right level, in the right organisations.

Delivering Sales Results for SQS

Building a strong pipeline for SQS

“Some of the team were sceptical going in – especially as we’d used our own off-shore cold-calling with varying results. Once we saw the process in action, became more comfortable using the tools and, of course, landed new clients – everyone came on board! I think it worked so well because culturally we’re a good fit – we worked alongside each other and, because Incognate were so open with their tools and techniques, we have seen a major step change in the quality of our CxO engagements”

Kevin Cunningham, VP Sales and Marketing, SQS

Testing marketing messages

Optimise your sales and marketing resources

Whether breaking into new, or testing new services or solutions in existing markets, we can road-test messaging and help you to evaluate market response. By first testing your message you can then decide how much time money and effort you will spend breaking into new markets, or launching new products to market. We can also carry out concept-testing of a new product during development.

Our approach means that we can accelerate the launch of a full campaign to deliver the sales results you need.

Our message testing allows you to proceed with full confidence on a comprehensive integrated campaign.

How we can we help you?

An approach that delivers results

We take a hands-on approach to message testing, making direct contact with key people in your target sector. We use a sample size large enough to be statistically valid, and our own experience in direct selling to gauge when a certain message hits the mark.

Beginning with a Messaging Workshop and Framework exercise, with our help, you can be confident of putting your marketing effort and budget exactly where you need to see the most results.

Content Creation – Ensure your sales teams are armed with company literature that emphasises what they are saying and ensure your message stays with the prospect after the meeting.

Are you spending your marketing budget on the right content?

Sales focused and engaging content

Increase your visibility, establish a solid reputation as a thought leader in your field, and capture quality sales leads with highly-effective and focused content.

Is your content working hard enough?

Align your content to your sales activity

At Incognate we know that the right content, in the right context, communicated in the right way delivers sales results, but your content needs to be aligned to your sales activity. It also needs to be relevant to the right person – You need to make sure you’re talking about the topics that front of mind for your prospects today. Our ‘right message, right person’ approach is directly applied to your content.

Inbound marketing can be the catalyst for building your business, but you need to be able to close the loop with professional telephone calls. Our integrated marketing services will help you create an easy-to-manage follow-up campaign that capitalises on all your hard work.

Content driving the buying cycle

Both traditional and digital content should attract the attention of the right kinds of prospects and move them along the buying journey. Incognate produces the following high quality content, with engaging visuals and strong calls to action, to help you generate new business.

Digital Content –  attention grabbing content to drive your prospects along the buying journey.

Video Creation – engaging 85% of your visitors with powerful video content.

Website Content – creating website content that works hard to promote your organisation round the clock.

Sales & Bid Collateral – delivering high-quality, original and thought-leadership content to increase your sales

Digital Content

How we can help you to capture more leads online?

Our lead-capture strategy works in tandem with your other sales and marketing activities to increase engagement through:

– blog posts and infographics for posting on social media and your website
– Downloadable collateral, including white papers, brochures and industry reports
– Landing pages for your website
– Follow-up emails for people who’ve downloaded the material.

We can set up and oversee the whole thing, or deliver high quality content to your schedule.

Highly engaging video content

Websites containing video and video animation attract 80% more visitors

Our short 1 – 2 minute video or video animation formats make this material excellent for sharing on social media platforms and helps to bring prospects to your website.

Our engaging videos and video animation simplify technical messages and increase sales engagement. We take on the entire production process, working closely with you at every stage so you are happy with the direction of the project. Specifically, we cover:

• Concept development • Story-boarding • Script-writing • Animation • Filming • Music and voice-over

Your professionally produced video will be delivered in a format ready to promote you on your website or YouTube channel

Delivering results on the web

Are you finding it difficult to keep their website up-to-date?

As a global organisation, your website has to fulfil many functions: attract new business, provide investor information, be a hub for all your inbound marketing collateral, attract high calibre employees, and include a lead-capture process.

At Incognate we can help you create a website that reflects the scope, capability and strategic direction of your organisation today. We are experienced in creating large, complex websites for global organisations, and will seek to include input from sales, product management and your subject matter experts to make sure your website is as effective as it needs to be.

What our clients say

“To target senior decision makers across multiple markets we recognised the need to create new, more compelling and focused messaging. Incognate’s Messaging Framework and the workshops they ran enabled us to draw out the right messages from key people in our business. It allowed us to really explore our prospects needs, issues and how to create stronger positioning to get our message heard. Incognate’s Messaging Framework really helps to get to the heart of the message that helps to gain more traction and attention.”

Jo Bance, Global Marketing Director, SQS Group Ltd

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