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Kipling’s Man ‘How’ – get your message heard.

How can you get prospects interested in your content quickly?

Getting valuable air time or visibility with key decision makers today is more difficult than ever. Yet, I am frequently told by enthusiastic sales people, “When I get in front of qualified prospects we always do well”. However, their difficulty is always in how to get that meeting, time on a call, or even acknowledgement of an email.

Issue-driven messaging…

As content volumes increase, everything gets a fleeting glance, a cursory read, a minimal amount of our attention, but some things stand out. Why? Consciously we focus on what is in front of us, but subconsciously our mind is constantly working and trying to find solutions to our problems to fulfil issues or our needs. Content that speaks directly to our needs is more likely to get our attention.

How can your sales team be effective?

Today prospects do a lot more online research before speaking to your sales person. Sadly, if you are lacking good quality content you will be qualified out and fast, before your sales person has even stated your case. Content that grabs attention quickly will result in prospect engagement. Whether from a bespoke landing page, a blog or a white paper all can help to qualify you in and get your audience interested. Your content needs to drive your prospects to get in touch and find out more.

We can help you to reach C-Level contacts find out how

Taking them on a journey

Messages today need to be shorter, quick and easy to digest. They also require clear value propositions and easily identifiable benefits. Issue or need driven messaging is always stronger as this in its very nature can be more specifically focused on the target audience. You need to highlight both the value of your offering and its benefits much faster. It will also help them to decide if they take the next step on your journey.

In less than 2 seconds…

It takes less than 2 seconds for somebody to delete an email or decide to end a call. To combat this you need to drive pain points early. This will help to engage the reader and get their attention. You can then highlight the benefits of your solution to move them on. At Incognate we specialise in creating powerful content, eye-catching graphics, and issue-driven sales collateral that contains solid benefits and strong call to actions.

We are all very busy. In fact, take a look at your own day and you’ll soon recognise that nowadays we are all time poor. If you recognise the need to create thought-provoking, eye-catching content, but don’t have the time or skills in-house contact us now.

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