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Kipling’s Man When!

For this second blog in the Kipling’s Men series we are going to focus on his man, ‘When’.  When wants to know when the best time to contact prospects in business to business marketing is.

When is the best time to reach out to your prospects?

To some extent, this will be impacted by ‘Who’ you are contacting and what their work patterns are. A business-to-business marketing strategy (B2B marketing) is different from marketing to consumers: you need to work out when your prospects are most likely to be busy or receptive to your message.

For instance, the time of day can make all the difference: calling somebody mid-morning may get either no response or you could end up interrupting that person, which may not get the best response. In the same way, picking the right day of the week can make all the difference in connecting with senior people.

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Befriend PAs

If you are targeting senior people in business-to-business marketing, befriend their PAs. Find out when the best time to get hold of their boss is. If you get them on side, the PA may be able to tell you what is going to grab their boss’s attention.

You could just ask them…

I get so many calls that start with, ‘Hi John, how are you today?’ They don’t tend to last long, as I usually bemoan many imaginary things that have gone wrong in my day, but thank them for caring. But, if they announced who they were, what they wanted and asked if it was convenient to talk, they would get a far better response.

Who is your audience?

Depending on the sector you are targeting in B2B marketing, there are also particular times of year that may provide more fruitful results. If you are selling into Government upping sales activity in January when departments are getting rid of old budget and planning for new may be best. For other companies, they will often start planning their budget three months before their year-end, so find out when that is.

If you need help identifying when it is best to contact your target audience in B2B marketingcontact us now.

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