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Kipling’s Man ‘Where’ – you need to take them on a journey!

Kipling’s Man ‘Where’ – Your Content needs to drive people to a destination, take them on a journey that results in a specific thought or action.

Where do you want them to go today?

As we pick up the Kipling’s thinking men’s theme, today we look at Kipling’s Man ‘Where’. This year content marketing is really gaining traction as people realise its importance in the marketing mix. And, you need content for everything you produce in marketing whether it’s an informative white paper or blog, infographic or slides for a presentation.

Engaging and compelling content is powerful when it comes to generating an interest in a product, service or company. Our company mantra is that we ‘create the right content, in the right context to help you to achieve the right results.’ Yet, what is the right result?

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Right content; using teasers and sign posts

The right content, however it is delivered, needs to take people on a journey. The subject line on an email or blog is a teaser a signpost to something more interesting. Once they have opened the email or clicked through to your blog the opening needs to be strong and summarize what they will gain or learn from continuing on the journey.

Achieving the right context puts the meat into your story

As you draw them along on the journey you need to highlight key points of reference along the way. These key elements need to put your story in to the right context. It needs to get the audience more engaged, questioning, head nodding and reading on. The context helps to build interest; after all you don’t want them to get lost along the way.

Driving your audience to the right conclusion

Whatever the content is, you need to tell a story that ultimately drives people to a conclusion or action. Where do you want them to end up? The journey’s end will be different based on what you are trying to achieve. It may be that you are convincing somebody that they need your product or service. You may want to get people to think differently about a new service you are delivering; or to recognise your company as a thought leader or a specialist in your field. Whatever the end result it needs to drive people to action.

Campaign by campaign content creation

Content, in any form, will always be needed. Its form and structure may change as we engage with the next generation in new ways, but thought-provoking, mind-changing, action-driving content will always be king.

At Incognate we specialise in producing content that packs a punch. We have a team of journalists, expert copy writers, designers and a team of marketing specialists that can help to produce purposeful content for your marketing campaigns.

We provide you with support as and when you need it most, campaign by campaign or ongoing. Call Helen Fox now on 0845 331 6069, or drop us a line to discover how we can help you to create a content marketing plan that gets the results you need.

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