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About Eseye

Eseye is a leading provider of IoT Managed Services helping clients to deliver Internet of Things from device to ongoing connectivity. Eseye-enabled IoT allows organisations to create a single SKU device, with embedded eSIM and targets near 100% up-time worldwide. The company operates around the world, but has its headquarters in Surrey.

Project details

Eseye needed to completely refresh the content on their website in time for a significant industry event. Incognate were called in just weeks before to create the content for the website. This involved supporting the development of the site map, interviewing key people to extract the messages to create the content and driving the project at pace. We carried out the project in under 6 weeks, helping them to launch their new website in time for the event.

“Working with Incognate has been a great for Eseye to create engaging content fast. Their ability to deliver high quality technical content with a marketing and sales angle when necessary, has significantly improved the quality and speed of production of our published work,” says David Thompson, Marketing Director Eseye.

Incognate are also providing an ongoing case study creation service and are helping the company with other content requirements.

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