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A case for case studies

In a climate where content abounds how do you make every word count?

People still like stories. And that is why the humble case study should still figure as a valuable part of your sales and marketing battle kit.

Is your content saying something fresh, relevant and valuable?

Content marketing, to some extent driven by marketing automation, is creating a relentless need for fresh content. Under increasing pressure for results, all too often case studies are produced too quickly and with not enough substance. Yet, get it right and they will provide the right support at every stage of the sales cycle.

Case studies are still considered the most effective content format. According to the latest B2B Marketing’s new Content Marketing Benchmarking Report 47% of marketers still see case studies as valuable and those using them found them to be highly successful.

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Using real-life examples brings your solutions to life

Case studies allow you to deliver a powerful message about your successes that are tangible and quantifiable. Consider focusing your case studies on different aspects of your strengths, such as project management or the ultimate benefits delivered for example improvements in productivity by x% or other specific ROI. This type of evidence is critical in helping new or potential clients to feel secure and supports them in assembling the evidence they need to engage you. The fact that other companies use you, but are happy to share their story reinforces this credibility.

People respond to stories

Ultimately, as key influencers and decision makers are consumed with competitive content, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that your content attracts the right attention. A powerful or strong story stays with you. Let case studies be your ‘success stories’. Each individual case study is a unique story of how you have worked with a client to deliver positive, successful results. Engaging case studies could help you to increase your inbound marketing engagement.

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