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Cold calling do’s and don’ts

We have put together a quick check list of things to think about when you are starting a cold calling session:

  • Do make sure that you regularly carry out a Telephone Preference Service check on your data;
  • Do ensure you have a very clear market focus and create clear propositions to key people;
  • Don’t try to be all things to all companies;
  • Do carry out a thorough qualification of your target companies – to save a lot of selling time;
  • Don’t remove companies that you have qualified out of your database – you may develop a product or service that you may be able to sell to them at a later stage;
  • Don’t call too high, too soon – you will often only get one shot, so make it your best!
  • Do check and double check information you have uncovered – don’t be mis-informed;
  • Don’t be dismissive of Gatekeepers – sell to them instead;
  • Do develop and continue to refine a library of sound bites that can be adapted into focused propositions for key individuals;
  • Don’t start calling until you are prepared to deal with potential objections;
  • Do make sure that you are always polite and courteous and ask if it is convenient to speak.

We trust that these tips will help you.

Happy cold calling!

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