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Legal & General Group is a leading financial services company providing insurance cover for clients in the UK and abroad. Working with banks and Independent Financial Advisers(IFAs) the company is well known and respected.

Email marketing 30% open rate gets the results

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape maintaining strong communication with their channels to market is critical. Our initial enagement involved helping Legal & General to reach over 32,000 IFAs to support the launch of their new adviser website OLP Connect.

Getting results under time pressure with tough requirements

“In very tight timescales Incognate produced an email marketing campaign using our email marketing services to deliver a successful solution with excellent results.

Incognate also provided a campaign on business protection and achieved exceptional results with a 30% open rate across 3 emails and increased business on business protection.

The results from the campaign have been very strong, particularly given the pressure on time and the tough requirements we placed on Incognate. Most people would agree you need real response ability from your trusted agencies. I think it would be fair to say that Incognate proved they have a deal of that and we are now discussing working with them much more regularly.” Alan Ferguson, Marketing and Channel Development Director, L&G

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