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Project details

Epoq, a pioneer in the development of online legal document services, is a small company with a niche product. We needed a multi-functional B2B agency that was both creative and flexible, and was prepared to work on small, ad-hoc marketing campaigns.

Incognate provided a range of services to Epoq from creative collateral, design, and also an integrated marketing campaign to generate new business leads.

Integrated Marketing

“Initially, we had a specific need to create an original, but professional design for our industry whitepapers, which could be adapted for subsequent publications. Incognate designed a fresh and contemporary looking template for us, which has formed the basis of the design of a series of Epoq whitepapers.

We also engaged Incognate to design a direct mail piece for a campaign to a small, but specialist target group of businesses. Incognate met our brief fully, which was to create a piece that was impactful, but also conveyed the credibility and professionalism of Epoq. In addition, we used Incognate’s telemarketing service to follow-up the direct mail campaign, which resulted in a number of leads for us and some valuable feedback about our proposition to that sector.

Incognate has always been responsive to our requests and demonstrated a flexible approach to the ad-hoc nature of our marketing needs. We are particularly happy with the creative output, which has helped us position our service as both credible and contemporary.

Emma Hopson, Marketing Manager, Epoq


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